Ultimate Corn Cooker

The Ultimate Corn Cooker....

Well it's very simple! Our corn cookers cook the corn in the husk using steam.The corn sits up over the water on its own cooking grate. Once the water starts to boil you get steam.A lot of very hot steam! No turning, loading individual racks,checking temperatures constantly, ect...

We started out selling "Roasted Corn" like everyone else. What we learned is roasted corn is not very good unless you have "very" fresh corn and the man power to run the cooker. Not to mention it was very labor intensive!  

"With our cookers its never been easier! You lite the burner, add the water and check back in one hour."

Our steamed corn is cooked in the husk just like roasted corn. But, our corn is better!  Its Not boiled......

It's Steamed! 

Why ours is better!

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Please be patient with this page! The fall season is our busiest time of the year with shows. Especially the corn! I have been trying to get something out for everyone to see but it has just been hard. Feel free to call me and I will be glad to talk with you. 256 591 8442 

Thanks Jeff